Choose a quiet space where you can focus. Keep the practice intimate to have the magical energy flow in alignment with your energetic vibration. Cleanse your area to allow the energy to flow. You can also sage your space, add an incense stick, or whatever you feel will assist you on your manifesting journey.

Cleanse your mind by sitting up straight and comfortably. Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath in through your nose and a slow breath out through your mouth. Keep your breathing flowing smoothly; take a deep breath in through your nose and a slow breath out through your mouth. Your stomach should move out as you breathe in and in as you breathe out.

Connect with your candle.

Close your eyes and continue breathing this way as you bring focus to what you would like to manifest. Envision clearly! Visualize your life as if your desire is already in existence. Focus on that feeling of pure joy. Let it wash over you. When you feel clear on your desire, please open your eyes, grab your pen and paper and write it down clearly in a sentence or two. Be very specific about what you wish to will into being.

Maintaining your energy of pure joy and gratitude for your life is what you wish. Hold this joy energy, and read out loud to the universe what you have written. Get used to this feeling and vibrating in this frequency. Place the paper under the candle base as you continue vibrating in alignment with these frequencies and light your candle, sending your intentions into the flame. Gaze into the flame and visualize the flame expanding, your transformational energy growing beyond what you can see. Your revolutionary power is now in the universe, encouraging changes in your life. Sit with this feeling of complete calmness and pure joy, knowing your life is as you wish.

Please do what work you feel needs to be done and surrender to the higher powers. Re-connect with this energy and repeat these steps using the sentence you have already created every time you light your candle.

Candles can not change their purpose after you connect with your candle and do your first manifesting session, continue with this intention until your candle is complete.

Close every session with gratitude and positive energy. While using as an intention candle, do not blow out the flame. Use a candle snuff or something heatproof to put out the flame safely.

Let this be your daily ritual.

Intentual candles pose unique energy and magical properties. As with any ritual, what you receive will depend on the amount of energy you put in. Now it's up to you to do the work.

Positive intentions only; happy manifesting!