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This blend is an energetic vortex that will attract prosperity, success, and abundance into your life while keeping you in alignment with the vibrations of wealth.

Citrine- Has vibrational energy that aligns with wealth, prosperity, and financial success.
Pyrite - A prosperous attractor for success and an abundance mindset.
Purple Statice - Has a richness to it and attracts success.
Purple Hydrangea - A symbol of wealth and abundance.
Cinnamon Stick - Attracts the energy of superabundance, money, and business success.

Our ABUNDANCE candle is great for an office space to attract prosperity and success.
Place in the wealth corner of your home (far left corner) looking in your front door.
Or fuel your inspiration and let your creative energy flow.
Boost your confidence while the frequency of wealth and abundance connects with you.
Take action and manifest the most prosperous life.