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A powerful potion to emit strong vibrations of love. Whether trying to attract new love or replenishing an existing flame, this trifecta will cleanse your heart and help you confidently take action. Attract romance while aligning your head and heart and healing any broken or injured bonds.

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love.
Green Aventurine - Ignite passion in your current relationship or enhance your confidence to attract new love.
Lapis Lazuli - Balance your head and heart, bringing forth truth and honest communication.
Rose Flower - The flower of love.
Globe Amaranth - Symbolizes eternal love.
Pink Baby's Breath - Embodies ever-lasting love.

Our LOVE candle will immerse you in unconditional love.
Boost feelings of self-love while cleansing your heart and deepening your connection with your heart chakra.
Bring forth truth within new forming relationships or deepen your already existing bond.
Spark a flame within yourself, attract new love, or renew an existing flame.